Friday, February 29, 2008

Resins, gels, and gems...

Here are some of the resin pieces I've made. I turned some into rings, some will be necklaces and then there are plenty of mistakes. Maybe I'll find a way of recycling the mistakes... I'm still trying to get the hang of this resin business.

Flynn took a fancy to the sequin ring while I was photographing. That's my favorite one, too. I only have cats with the finest taste, naturally. --L

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jack Lemmon bustin' some crazy moves

All I can say is, groooovy, baby!

I'm a Winner!!!!

That's right! I just won this really cool book. I recently registered myself on the very fashionable website called, and next thing I know they tell me I won something. Yesterday I got this in the mail. It's a huge coffee table book with really amazing pictures from various Vogue magazine photo shoots. --S

They even sent me a hand written note!

Here are some of the highlights from the book. The picture on top is one of my favorites.

Cable Knit Hats

I'm just about to send these off to friends in Bend, OR. I made them over a month ago, but alas, procrastination set in.... hopefully there will still be a little winter weather left by the time they get there. The free pattern is called something like, "chunky cabled hat." I found it on and I used Lion Brand's chunky wool- acrylic blend. --L

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jewelry Tree and Happy Elf

I bought the tinsel tree at a craft store a few months ago and decided it would make a nice jewelry holder. The wonderful little smiling elf recently arrived in the mail from Stephanie. Thanks, Steph! When Tom and I move on to our next place, the first thing we're going to do is break open all of our boxes of elves and introduce him to the others. --L

Kind of Creepy Victorian book

I picked up this book of Victorian portrait photography at a used booked store the other day. There are some real gems in here! It's a great reference for costumes.... but as you'll see some are pretty darn creepy. --S

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mr. Flynn and me.

It's late and I should be in bed, but this blog thing is so addictive... Here's a photo Tom took when we were in FL a few mo. ago. --L

Cool new finds

Stephanie, I think I told you about this cute lil' tunic I bought recently at a store in the mall called Delia's (not too shabby for only $6). I'm modeling it here with a vintage resin necklace purchased at Treasure Mart for only $1. Once I get mom's old sewing machine working, I thought I'd use this purple number as a pattern to make my own tunic with funkier fabric.

Chevron Scarf progress...

This is the scarf I'm knitting for my aunt Chris. The pattern (courtesy of Stephanie) is from the book Scarf Style, is knit on size 7 needles with various weights, consistencies and colors of yarn (4 diff greens and one black). I think I'm almost half way done, guess I bettter keep Bargain Hunt on the TV a while longer. --Leiza

Dressin' up 30's style!

Ok, sorry for so many posts in a row, but I guess I just have a lot to share today. Here are a couple of pics of a dress I made for a 1930's play - Stage Door. I'm quite happy with it, especially for the circular ruffle collar (ala Ginger Rogers). -- S

Harry Potter Scarf #2

Ok, you've seen Leiza's HP scarf, now here's mine. I made it for my friend Alyssa's b-day. Which is YOUR favorite? --S

Congrats Daniel!

I just have to give props to Daniel Day-Lewis for his Oscar win last night. I haven't seen his latest film, There Will be Blood, but I hope to soon. Of course, I still love him best as Cecil Vyse in A Room with a View. I had to re-watch the film last night, it's been a while yet I still seem to remember every line from the film. "Just one of Freddy's bones"...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

2007 Handmade Christmas Gifts

The giftcards were made of Felt, glitter, sequins, glue and patterned paper. The stocking came from an antique store. I just couldn't resist it's retro-kitsch perfection! All I did was add "Jean" in purple felt at the top since the gift was for our friend Heather who's cat's name is Jean Nancy Richardson. An impressive name for an impressive cat. The scarf was made for another mutual friend, Monica, who is an avid Harry Potter fan. --Leiza

Fshion show 2007

Maori inspired dress I made for a multicultural fashion show. On the manequin and on my friend Kacy. --S

2007 Christmas Cards

Here's A little sampling of the Christmas cards I made this past December. I made them by photocopying a picture of my mom and aunt making a snowman when they were little. Then I pasted the photos onto blank cards and decorated the space around the photos with glitter, felt, sequins, snowflake stamps, and ric-rac (my favorite adornments!). Sorry to all friends who didn't get one- I ran out of steam and time : - ( maybe next year? --Leiza

Appletree Drive!!! I've dreamed of Appletree Drive!!

Cute elves... hmmm...

Random Photo Video Tom took at Christmas...

Ribbon Candy in a Crystal bowl. --L

My first photo download...

Okay, so this isn't the scarf I was talking about, but hey, it's elves! What more needs to be said? --Leiza

1930's sisters

Hey look! It's us in the 30's! We sure look swell. Are we checking out the boys or local crafters?--S

First real post (Japanese kitties don't count!)!!

So, as soon as I find some batteries for my camera, I'll post my chevron knit scarf (thanks for the pattern, Steph) I'm making for my aunt. For some reason it's taking a long time to knit this one, though it isn't hard, just time consuming. Fortunately my dad has cable TV. I'm not usually much of a TV fan, but since discovering the BBC America channel, it being as cold as it is outside, and not having a job, I have thus resigned to becoming a Bargain Hunt addict! The hours spent knitting just fly by when watching Bargain Hunt! That David Dickinson sure is a swanky ol' chap, though. Oy vey, It's definitely time to get a job and get out of Michigan! Anyway, I'll get that camera working soooon. --Leiza

Funny Japanese Cat

cute... but strange

Sisters, sisters, dah dah dah dah...

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