Sunday, February 24, 2008

First real post (Japanese kitties don't count!)!!

So, as soon as I find some batteries for my camera, I'll post my chevron knit scarf (thanks for the pattern, Steph) I'm making for my aunt. For some reason it's taking a long time to knit this one, though it isn't hard, just time consuming. Fortunately my dad has cable TV. I'm not usually much of a TV fan, but since discovering the BBC America channel, it being as cold as it is outside, and not having a job, I have thus resigned to becoming a Bargain Hunt addict! The hours spent knitting just fly by when watching Bargain Hunt! That David Dickinson sure is a swanky ol' chap, though. Oy vey, It's definitely time to get a job and get out of Michigan! Anyway, I'll get that camera working soooon. --Leiza

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