Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitschy Resins

I took these photos of my newest batch of resins about a month ago, but since I couldn't get my computer to upload photos for a while, here they finally are in their glittery splendor. These were taken right after the resins were popped out of the molds. I still have to sand and shine them up. My favorite is the big oval shaped one with a blue space man in it and a red glitter background. Hmm, should it be a big ring or a necklace? --L

Swanky Retro Finds

Here are a few things I picked up at the antique fair. From the top: 1. I got the owl necklace plus the round swirled glass pendant necklace, plus a bunch of cameos all for $2!! I found the blue plastic necklace (on left) in a trunk in my parent's basement, and I got the purpley-pink bead necklace at a yard sale. 2. Close-up of cool owl necklace. 3. I shouldn't have, but I bought the green formica top table for $20. I certainly don't need any more tables, but I just couldnt' say "no" to such a cool shade of green! And it goes so nicely with this yellow vinyl chair from the same era.
4. As you can see-- I don't have a shortage of tables at the moment. Is there such thing as a table fetish? --L

Setting Up At The Antique Fair

These are a few photos from last week's antique fair that Tom and I attended. We didn't end up selling much, but we had fun trying at least. Our booth actually looked more put-together than it would appear from these photos-- looks like a whole lotta junk, eh? I also picked up a few treasures which I'll show in another post. --L

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inspiration for future projects

I've been having trouble posting photos I've taken lately (I'm using a different computer), so I thought I'd share photos other people have taken instead. Here is a medley of projects that have inspired me from other blogs and websites. Hopefully I'll get around to creating my own versions of at least some of these lovelies. --L

From top to bottom:
Spider ring from "purevile" on Etsy, Straight Needle Beret from "Petulant Feminine" blog,
Cool necklace I saw on Etsy (can't remember the name), Paperdoll shadowbox from Amy Earls blog "wool & water", Button and fabric necklace from a French blog on, Bottletrees, Crazy fabric lamps, Embroidered button rings, Pennant/ Garlands from "purlbee", homemade chandelier from "", Crochet necklace I found on Craftzine, Amazing headboard (can't wait to make this one), Sparkley rhinestone adorned shoes from "Lindamade" blog, "C'est Moi..." necklace from a French blog, and lastly, a lacy knit shrug from "knittingonthenet." Sorry to all I haven't given credit to. --L

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's New at New York Fashion Week

As the New York Fashion week comes to a close, I need to reflect on some of my favs... and some that are just fascinating. I'll start with my absolute favorite, Anna Sui! Her inspiration came from south of the border. Her textiles were amazing, as well as her shoes. Anna Sui, can I please come work for you?? And look, her models are smiling!

A few other designers that stood out to me were Rebecca Taylor, doing some fun ethnic prints, and Jason Wu (the yellow & blue look) very cute. Marc Jacobs created a sort of Mary Poppins goes Grunge. Awesome!

Betsy Johnson channeled Johnny Depp, ala Pirates, with these almost costume like frocks. And lastly, Alexandre Herchovitch, a rather brilliant Brazillian designer, found a way to make models look, well, bigger than they are in this ensemble. Very interesting. -S

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Style Clash Fashion Show

I'm so pleased with the way these photos turned out from a recent fashion show I participated in. Thanks sooo much to the photographers and my super sweet & sassy models! I showed my Maori dress and my Vogue Vigilante collection (for lack of a better name). And now, I'm ready to start on my next collection... which is inspired by French pastries... stay tuned! - S

Monday, September 1, 2008

Glass, glass, and more glass

I went to see the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young museum in SF the other day. It was brilliant! I couldn't stop taking pictures, so I thought I'd share them with y'all. If you happen to find yourself in the bay area, you MUST go to check it out. The top pic was of my favorite piece. It reminded me of some wood nymph forest. -S