Saturday, February 27, 2010

1920's Flapper Dress

Tom and Stephanie acquired some lovely vintage items while I was away this past fall. Some friends were cleaning out a beautiful 1930's era home in downtown Detroit and Tom and Stephanie joined in on the spoils. One was this black 1920's hand beaded silk dress. Tom wanted me to try it on, and since it fit so well, he decided we should have a little photo shoot. I bought the shoes at a rummage sale in the village of Vijfhuizen, Holland. They don't exactly match, but it was the closest I could get. The vintage hat was made by Tom's great-grandmother. I added the feather and brooch for some added panache.  --L

Victorian Lace

I have a little bit of catching up to do-- here's a shawl I made called Ishbel. I started knitting it in November whilst in Holland and finished it in late December.  It's designed by the ever talented Ysolda, a Scottish lass who creates some of the loveliest, most tasteful knitting patterns I ever did see, and who has become quite popular amongst knitters across the globe. Sorry, I just saw "The Young Victoria" last night and now I can't stop talking in Queen's English! Great movie, by the way I highly recommend it to any other anglophiles out there. --L

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Mignon!

Here's a post all about babies!!!  I finished yet another baby hat and I also have some pretty awesome vintage baby wrapping paper to share.  The hat was knit for my friends who are due any moment now.  They requested a hat with ear flaps, so their little girl will have warm ears when they bring her back from the hospital.  I saw it as an honor to help them out.  I've always had my eye on this particular hat, it's called Aviatrix Baby Hat.  My friend, Meagan (the future mom), picked out this pretty yarn and I supplied the vintage button.  I'm quite pleased with the results, however I wish it was a tighter knit throughout the body... if you're on ravelry, you can see my post about it here.
And here are some super cute wrapping paper prints that I stumbled upon recently.  I already used some of them to wrap a previous baby shower present, but I was sure to scan in all of the images first.  Which one is  your favorite?  Mine is undoubtably those cute fairies hanging out in the trees.

Aww... so cute!  I also found some great vintage Christmas wrapping paper in this same bundle, but it just doesn't seem right to show those until next Christmas... we'll see. 

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!!!  -S

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

I am trying my best to embrace winter here in Michigan, although most of the time I just mutter to myself how much I really am miserable when it's anywhere below 30 degrees.  So, in an effort to be more positive about my current climate circumstances, I decided to devote a post to the one thing winter is good for... SNOW!  So, without further adieu... here are some favorite images of a winter wonderland.
photo by Tommy Niehus (aka my bro-in-law)

This video is so hauntingly beautiful, plus it incorporates my other love of winter... yarn!  hee hee

Hope y'all have a cozy weekend! - S