Saturday, February 27, 2010

1920's Flapper Dress

Tom and Stephanie acquired some lovely vintage items while I was away this past fall. Some friends were cleaning out a beautiful 1930's era home in downtown Detroit and Tom and Stephanie joined in on the spoils. One was this black 1920's hand beaded silk dress. Tom wanted me to try it on, and since it fit so well, he decided we should have a little photo shoot. I bought the shoes at a rummage sale in the village of Vijfhuizen, Holland. They don't exactly match, but it was the closest I could get. The vintage hat was made by Tom's great-grandmother. I added the feather and brooch for some added panache.  --L

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Anonymous said...

oo la la! looks like someone is ready for a little charleston competition! You do look smashing in that flapper dress, but don't get too comfortable in it, perhaps you sister might want to take it out for a spin soon.... - S