Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hats for different occasions

 You may remember back to a post a couple of months ago,  I shared pictures from a local production of the musical Nine which I was the costumer for.  One of the costume "challenges" I came across was to create a very over the top Venetian hat that would be tossed about on stage.  Here's a close up of the result of said hat.
I took these photos the morning I was to return the hat to the costume shop (sorry for the messy background).  In the end I think the hat turned out very well and I must give most of the credit to my crafters-in -crime/sister, Leiza.  We discussed how we wanted the hat to look:  big feathers, check, a crazy bird, check, lots of beading, check.  I was so overwhelmed with all of the last minute things I had to do for the show that I was so relived when Leiza stepped in and put the whole hat together!  And as I said, it was going to be tossed about on stage as well as worn by 2 different characters.  I'm happy to say it stayed together through all of the performances and looked great as well!  

This was truly a diy project.  The bird we found at a craft store in the wedding department.  It was all white, so we spray painted it black and just dosed the thing in gold glitter.  Sadly, some of the glitter came off, but it still looks pretty gaudy (which was the goal).  I was going to post pictures of the process, but in the end I was too lazy and too distracted to document it all on camera.  What do y'all think of the result?

My other hat to share is much less crazy.  It's my snapdragon tam by Ysolda.  
 Yup, that cute Scottish knit designer has done it again.  This was my first knitting adventure using cables too, which ended up being a lot less scary.  What was a problem was when I ran out of yarn!!!  It was terrible and I was only about 10 rows away from finishing.  I decided instead of buying more yarn (which I couldn't find anyway) I would quickly decrease and then pull it together.  This does mean it's not quite as cool as the original pattern, but it worked enough.  I am also sad to report that after I blocked the hat, which I was trying very carefully not to overstretch, it did just that.  It was simply ginormous on my head!  My solution:  add some elastic thread through the brim.  It seems to have done the trick:)  

Those of you on ravelry, you can see more details about this project here.  The Vogue Vigilante girls are currently each making their first sweaters!  I'm actually making a cardi, but close enough.  My goal is to finish mine by Easter.  Hopefully we'll get to share our FOs here soon!   - S

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ETSY UPDATE: Springtime

Here are some lovely new items I'll shortly be uploading to our etsy store.  Since it is the first day of spring, it does seem only right to celebrate with some pretty pastels.  From top left:  1940's silk evening gown, 1950's yellow party dress, early 60's cotton gingham shirtdress, 1970's yellow floral dress.  I will try to add these items this afternoon, just need to finish taking all of the measurements.. sigh, the most tideous part of the process. 

Happy weekend and happy first day of Spring!!!!! - S

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scenes from a City

I recently went on a perfect getaway to San Francisco where I visited friends and enjoyed some sunny days.  I took some nice little photos along the way and I thought I'd share them with y'all.  So here we go:
Beautiful window display at one of my new favorite places.  Why didn't I know about it before??

~Tilden Park~

Valentine's Day

Rose tea at Lovejoys

Homemade mint chocolate chip icecream!
Chocolate from ~TCHO~
And finally a silly picture of me...  I wasn't feeling terribly photogenic during this trip but I thought I should share this one truly silly picture.  This was taken at Lovejoy's counterpart across the street.  I feel I should title this hat "Can't see the tea for the pom-poms" or some sort of thing.  After the trip I realized how much I miss hanging out in a big city, although I still wonder if I want to live in one.  What should I do?  
Leiza has been so much better at posting her lastest crafty-crafts on our dear blog.  I've been in the midst of some projects but have gotten a bit stumped on some so it's taking me a while to finish.  Hopefully I'll be done soon so I can share with y'all.  Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you:) -S

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spiral Cowl

Here's a fun little knit I recently finished. I used vintage wool yarn in a shade called "Jade".  It's supposed to have a button and a loop to gather it closed with, but I haven't found the right button yet. Until then,  I'm using a little sparkly circle brooch I inherited from my grandmother, Ferne. If you're a member of ravelry, you can see more details and get the free pattern here. Ta-ta for now, and happy knitting! --L