Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why the Bluish tint?

So, this is partially what has been keeping me super busy these days. I tried to upload a picture of some fashion drawings I've done in Adobe Illustrator but I I couldn't get it to work properly. This is the best I could do and for some reason it made them all Blue! Ah well, when I'm done with the rest of my projects for the week I'll try to put a better image up. --S


Anonymous said...

I agree, no explanation is necessary for two very swanky blue-haired, blue-lipped ladies. Seriously though, well done on those sketches lil'...Steph. I'd definitely wear those outfits. --L


opps, I actually thought I had deleted that picture since it didn't turn out right on the blog... that's why I wrote nothing about it. Anways, at least you get the idea of what it looks like. I'll try to get a better image up later. Glad you like them (blue & all)--S