Friday, March 14, 2008

Dragon Protection Ring

In the spirit of Harry Potter, I made a gimmick of one of my resin rings, calling it the "Dragon Protection Ring." I'm sending it to my friend Juniper, lover of wizards, dragons, unicorns, and other assorted magical creatures. I created a scroll by cutting out a piece of brown paper bag, burning the edges with a match (nearly burning down the house), and then after writing my letter, rolling it up with a piece of velvet ric-rac ribbon. The letter reads as an owner's manual, saying that the yellow rhinestone in the center of the ring will glow bright white when a dragon is approaching. "Lizzijonk" is a nick-name Juniper gave me in college since I sympathized with the character "Fillyjonk" in the Finnish Moomintroll books we used to read out loud to each other. I think these magic rings would make great gifts for kids. I could market them as "Aunt Lizzijonks Amazing Amulets." --L

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Juniper is going to LOVE that!!! By the way, I'm in complete support of your new business. It's going to be a hit! --S