Thursday, March 6, 2008

Introducing... Brigadoon.

Here's a hat I made last spring when Tom and I were in Maine. It's called the "Point Lobos Hat" found online. My fetching model is none other than Brigadoon, a mannequin head I got at a garage sale when in I was in high-school. I think my sister and I named her Brigadoon since we thought she had a Scottish flair about her. We were really big into Siouxsie Sioux as well as the 1920's era so we tried making her look less 60's-ish and more 20's-ish by giving her a make-over with eye-liner. She used to sit on my dresser back in the day, modeling my hats. Sometimes her eerie glare would creep me out, so I got into the habit of turning her head around to face the wall before I went to sleep at night! --L

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Why, Brigadoon looks quite fetching in your hat! I think we should make her the official V.V. model. Quite so! --S