Friday, November 14, 2008

Latest Knitting Projects

The scarf is a work in progress called the Lacy Ribbon Scarf from the Spring issue of The beret pattern is from For some reason the beret came out way too big-- seems to fit Brigadoon, but I'm going to have to felt it if I want to wear it myself. Tom tried it on, but it's even a wee bit too big for him. Who'd 've thought? I have to mention too, that for some strange reason, Stephanie and I seem to always pick out the same knitting patterns. I recently found out that she's also working on the same scarf and has already made the beret. Great sisters think alike! --L

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Brigadoon is looking Sty-a-lin!! That hat is so cute, have you considered trying to put some elastic in to make it fit better?? Your sewing sis recommends it. Also, I love the scarf, mine has been taken apart more than once. I think I need to get some different yarn, it's not turning out as planed. That's some good crafting! - S