Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eco-Elf shoes with DIY laces!

I got these comfy Simple brand shoes the other day (which are made with all re-cycled materials) and I loved their eco-animal-elfin friendly style, but I wasn't too crazy about the grey laces. I envisioned ribbony lavender laces. I checked around town, but there were none to be found (thanks, Dr. Seuss!). So I stitched up a pair from leftover yarn (crochet chain stitch).  My friend Aaron very politely said they looked a tad like bowling shoes.  The pink laces are a bit bulky, I'll admit, but hey, they're homemade! I'm still keeping an eye out for some pretty lavender ribbon. Here's what the shoes looked like before and after the DIY makeover. --L

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Anonymous said...

Way to go with the eco-diy shoes! How very hip you are. I agree they needed a laces make-over. I like the pink, but I look forward to some lavender laces too. Tres chic! -S