Saturday, July 18, 2009

Florida-Themed Finds

I have a bit of catching up to do on the blog-- it's been a busy summer of travel so far. Here's a smattering of vintage bits, most of which I just got on a work trip to Maine. There seems to be a Florida theme going on here with all the pastel colors! Perhaps it's my subconscious hungering for real summer weather. It's mid July now and I'm still wearing sweaters!

I really tried not to spend money in New England unless it was on items I could re-sell at the antique store. I spent a whopping one dollar on a bucket full of treasures acquired from this voluminous warehouse of junk in Paris, Maine called "Pic n' Paw", and I must say, there was a heck of a lot of pickin' and pawin' to do at Pic n' Paw! The photos just don't do it justice. --L


St├ęphanie said...

Oh so nice !

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup! --L