Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pin Curls & Clara Bow

Here is my first attempt at vintage style pin curls.  It wasn't quite as laborious as I would expect, but I'm not sure if I will attempt it every time I shower.  I went by Strawberry Koi's tutorial which was very helpful.  The results:  CURL MADNESS.  I tried to tame it down by brushing it out and adding some bobbypins to pull it back.  Although it was rather crazy, I did love the results.  I'm one of those straight-haired gals with curly-hair envy.  sigh.

When I was messing around with my new curls, I was reminded of some of my favorite 1920's film sirens, in particular, Clara Bow.  I don't know if it's our redhair that we have in common or her amazing performance in"It", but she has always been my favorite 1920's stars.  Here's a little tribute to her:
By the way, I hope all of you lovely viewers like Vogue Vigilante's new look!  I've been messing around with how to make it look a bit more pro.  Still kind of working on our header, it's a work in progress.  I have many more posts in the works, including some amazing cupcakes made for Labor Day celebrations.  See ya! -S


Avalon76 said...

A woman who loves 1920s fashion, Clara Bow, and knitting? How have I not found this blog before?! Sign me up!

Jen from Silent Stanzas ^_^

Pretty Little Pictures said...

You look gorgeous in pin curls. Love your blog too by the way :)