Friday, April 9, 2010

Road Trip!

 The past few days have been spent touring the mid-west on a mini road trip.  I really needed to get the heck out of the chilly Michigan weather so we headed south to Bloomington, In.  It was soo lovely and hot!!  85 degrees, that's what I'm talking about!  We did some very fun exploring, I'd never been there before so it was fun to check out a new town.  Leiza and Tom were looking out for some very cool historic farm houses.  The picture below was a very typical thing to see them do on the trip.  
On our way back, we headed towards Ohio by way of the Ohio River where we stumbled upon the town of Aurora.  It was founded around 1815 and the architecture just blew my mind!  I wish I took more pictures.  This large mansion was called the "Steamboat Captain's House".  It sit atop of the hill and overlooked the river and the town.  Amazing. 
These were just a few snapshots of the trip, but I'm very sad I forgot to take more.  Another stunning house we explored had original painted linolium floors.  Has anyone seen that before?  We also stopped in to a couple kick-ass antique stores where I stumbled upon some great finds.  Please check out our etsy site to see some of the new treasures.  Cheerie-O! -S


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Anonymous said...

Cool photos! Yep, I already miss that 85 degrees. As Tom said, we're just a little too close to the Arctic here in MI. Don't know about you, but I'm ready for another road trip! --L