Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Fashion Show

I tried these various outfits on so I could figure out what to wear to a yearly meeting in Boise, ID (and I promised my fashion guru sister I'd show her some of my options). I don't want anything too dressy or uncomfortable since I end up walking a lot of miles around the city while I'm there, plus the hall where my meeting is held is freezing! (hence the "jeggings"). My sister might recognize a particular skirt amongst the offerings. 
Necklaces are vintage, blue stretch cords are Free People, Sleeveless pink top w/ blue/red flowers is Ketz ke, sage green cropped blouse is from ark & co, sandals are from Payless (non-leather, of course), tomato orange cardi is from the Gap, as are the aqua leggings, and the multi/swirly teal/orange/gold top is from BB Dakota. I know none of these outfits are astounding, but it's pretty much all I've got. Any suggestions? --L



My fav is the 4th one down. I hope you kept that top and got the bando! - S

Anonymous said...

Thanks, S! Now I have to figure out which shoes to wear?? L