Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Medley of Knits From The Past Year...

First, the "Aviatrix" hat I made for my friend's two yr. old daughter, Adelaide. Originally, Adelaide's mum Maegan bought the yarn hoping to take up knitting herself. Finding she was just too busy being a first time mom, she threw those knitting supplies my way instead. The flower was an added detail.  Very fun to make! It's from a crochet flower tutorial I found on youtube

Here is the "Druidess Beret". The pattern comes from a lovely British lady known on ravelry as Princess Pea. Her pattern is based on the Druid Mittens pattern by Jared Flood.

This black cabled hat named "Fenimore" by Jared Flood came out way too small. I must have been dreaming about George Emerson or Mr. Darcy when I was knitting, because I really messed up on the directions. It probably fits a five year old. My sister made the same hat (actually I think she gave me the pattern) and hers came out much, much better. Hopefully she'll post her version one of these days, so I'm not the only one putting things on this blog, cough, cough!

And here is the premier of my first knitted sweater, "Owls" by Scottish knitter Kate Davies. It was a great pattern, very well written, and not too difficult for newer knitters. I've thought of sewing button eyes on each of the 20 or so cabled owls, but that would mean buying a butt-load of buttons. We'll see...

And my proudest knitted achievement so far: "Henri" the bear. I made this for my cousin's newborn baby Griffin, but I'm told his older brother Julian has since absconded with Henri. Guess I'll have to make another one. The mug was a gift from my sister. Can you guess which movie that quote comes from?? --L

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Unknown said...

Adorable!! Love the pic of you and Adelaide. You are definitely her favorite auntie. I think it's time you and I do another kal this summer, no?