Monday, March 10, 2008

Shrug, Necklace, and Sabine...

This mod-ish Victorian shrug was skillfully made by Stephanie, given to me for Christmas. I love the color, and it's very cozy. It's called the "Carie Cropped" cardigan from the book, "Fitted Knits." Thank you, Steph!

I made two necklaces like the one I'm wearing in the photos, one for Stephanie and one for me. They are vintage glass cameo pendants found on ebay. I glued hooks onto the backs, then cut two pieces of chain for them and added clasps with pliers-- tres easy.

Sabine, or "Beaners," as we affectionately call her, was found on a camping trip Tom and I took in the Sierra mountains in 2002. How she got up there, we'll never know. But we're so glad we found her. She's a total character, and very loving, too. --L

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Cute pics lil' L! I didn't realize you made a necklace for yourself as well. At first I was like "Did she steal my necklace back???" ha ha... anyways, the shrug & Beaners are looking good too. I'll have to take a picture of myself wearing my identical shirt and necklace. It's totally going to freak people out! --S