Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Shrug or Not to Shrug

Hey y'all! My sister and I were discussing this morning how some people just don't get the concept of "shrugs". Well, let me explain to those who find this idea foolish or incomprehensible. A Shrug is a type of sweater that is meant to give a little warmth to the shoulders as well as add a bit of sass to an outfit. It is both practical and cute! What more needs to be said? So, I thought I may as well post pictures of some shrug and shrug like things that I've made. For some reason I was feeling very domestic when I wore the shrugs. Also notice in the bottom picture that I'm wearing the matching necklace that my sister made. --S


Anonymous said...

My but those are some tasty little shrugs! I really like them. Maybe you can take a few close- up pictures of them so I can see them in their full sassy splendor. --L

Anonymous said...

Hello sisters. Your blog brings me great joy and artistic appreciation. I visit frequently. However I must comment on the issue of "shrugs". Even the word itself hungers to be longer. Almost like someone's name that everyone shortens as time goes on. As far as keeping the shoulders warm. I think I understand. Keep up the good work, "Steph"!!

CanarySanctuary said...

I like both of those! They're very cute.