Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Wedding Gift

I wanted to make a homemade gift for a family friend who is getting married, but I haven't hung out with her since elementary school. All I know is that she's the editor of Time magazine and she's very involved with politics. She also just wrote a book called, "The Party Faithful." The shower invitation said "no gifts," but I felt I had to do something. So here's the result: a decorative throw pillow. It's made of chenille fabric, a vintage handkerchief and a vintage button. It was actually a combined effort-- Tom picked out the handkerchief and sewed the buttons on. (What a cute, domestic guy!) It's a little on the conservative side, but I figured this couple isn't exactly the "Urban Outfitters" type, anyway. --L



Nice one Leiza! That turned out good. I think you and Tom have found your calling. Shall we call the business "Buttons & Bobbins"... cute! Say hi to Amy for me! - S

CanarySanctuary said...

I apologize if this isnt' your thing, but I've tagged you! You can check it out here.