Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Before and After

Here are a few photos of the furniture pieces that Tom and I have been fixing up. The end tables were originally that 60's shade of dirty yellow and were extremely scratched and scuffed up. So I painted them black and then added some detailing with gold paint. I think they look a bit better now.

I don't have any before pics of the black chairs, but they really looked like junk. They had old brown paint that was peeling off of them, and the seats were upholstered with moldy beige vinyl-- eww! So I painted them black and then got the idea to cut up one of my old dresses and use the fabric to cover the seats with. Tom did the honors of cutting up and stapling on the dress fabric. We're all about recycling these days. Even the gold paint was something I found buried within the depths of the basement.

Now we're trying to sell all of this stuff. I may get a booth at an antique mall, but for now we're just selling out of my dad's garage.

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Nice furniture sis! I like the retro fabric on the chairs especially. you sell sell sell!! -s