Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing... Otto II, the Amazing Polar Bear!!!

Phew... I'm finally finished with this amazingly cute, but rather challenging project. I found this adorable pattern on one of my favorite knitting blogs There were a few parts that I needed to do a bit of improvising and trying to cover up mistakes, but overall I'm really happy! Pretty soon Otto II, will be shipped down to Austin, Texas for my friends Tiffany & Duane's first baby that's expecting in a couple of weeks. I hope baby will cherish it! Before we part, I'm going to try and do more photo shoots, because he is so darn cute! I think I need to make one for me! - S

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voguevigilante said...

I want one! What a cute little Polar Bear. You're really getting fancy with the knitting needles lately, Ms. S. --Ms. L