Thursday, November 12, 2009


 It was a beautiful fall day here in the midwest and it felt like just the right kind of day to make applesauce!  I've never made it before, but I had a bag of apples that I needed to use (which I purchased along the roadside in northern Mich), so applesauce it was going to be.  It was a pretty fun process, besides the endless chopping of the apples, I like the peeling part.  I followed the directions from America's Test Kitchen cookbook.  Being the silly girl that I am, I thought I would make a few changes, like add more water than asked and throw in some cinnamon sticks.  The cinnamon was fine, but the water just made it too watery.  And instead of using a apple mill, I threw it in the blender which made it a bit too pureed.  In the end, it was more like soup, but I'm still very proud of my accomplishment.  During the process, I also thought it was time to don my newish vintage apron that I found at an estate sale this summer.  It's just so pretty, I don't want to get it dirty (which kind of defeats its purpose).  

I hope everyone else is enjoying their fall, wherever they may be.  Also, if you have a hankering for other yummy apply treats, you must try this recipe for apple cake.  It is freaking amazing (and freaking easy). -S

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Anonymous said...

Yum, you'd better save some for moi! (you can freeze it-- thanks). How did you take pictures of yourself peeling apples? That's quite a feat! --L