Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Hoo" I was for Halloween

I know we are a few days late on this one, but I wanted to share a quick picture of my costume!  I'm rather proud of how it turned out, considering I made it in about 5 hours.  I do need to give credit to this blog where I recieved my inspiration and downloaded the mask template.  I was originally going to dress as Luna Lovegood but I just couldn't get truly excited about that idea.  Anyways, sorry I don't have a picture of me wearing it in all its Halloween glory.  I think I'll have to recycle this costume for another year and probably do it up even more.  Maybe a feather mask??

Now that November is upon us, I feel I can get truly excited for Christmas!  I'm attempting to make all of the presents this year (which will be kept at a minimum).  I've gotten started already so hopefully it won't be a mad rush to the end.   Also, I am sooo thrillled that I will be spending my holidays with my darling girl, Monica, and her darling family in Boston!  So, look forward to many Christmas related posts which will probably include:   knitting, elves, cookies, and more!  -S

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Anonymous said...

Cute owl dress! You need to get a picture of yourself wearing it! It would be perfect for a masquerade ball/ dance. --L