Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Latest Dutch Escapades

Well, we haven't made it to other parts of Europe yet, but here are a few more photos of Tom and my time in Holland. Be prepared, it's a long post!

Tom with his red umbrella walking down a typical brick paved street in Haarlem (this is about as much of Tom as you'll see since it's like pulling teeth trying to take his picture)

Me looking like I can't decide which direction to go in Haarlem.

A Dutch castle called Muiderslot ("mouderslot") originally built in the 1200s, then re-built in the 1300s.

A very colorful nick-nack store in the town of Leiden.

Amsterdam Station-- yes, that's a train station, not Hogwart's. We usually take the bus from Vijfhuizen to Haarlem, and then the train from Haarlem Station to Amsterdam Station, since driving a car around Amsterdam is utter insanity! The streets are teeming with bikes, scooters, people, cars, busses, trams, one way streets, and multiple lane round-abouts!

An inside view of the Concertgebouw where we saw the Royal Dutch Orchestra play an evening of Mozart. Tom made up his mind to move here after that concert, it was so good!

Celebrating with our "Dutch family".  Joke was an exchange student who stayed with my mom's family when in high-school. She's remained part of the family ever since. These are her children and their significant others at a restaurant celebrating her son, Kees-Pieter's birthday. From lower left: Kees-Pieter, Eefke, Me, Frouke. Above left: Joke, Tom, Femke, her husband Rob, and Paulien, Kees-Pieter's girlfriend.  They're all incredibly sweet people with a great impish sense of humor!

Me in Haarlem overlooking one of the zillions of canals. More Dutch adventures to come! --L


Anonymous said...

You and Tom fit RIGHT in to those little Dutch scenes. I want to come toooo!!! And Tom is right, Joke's family is truly a Dutch extension of ours. I'm glad you're having such a ripping time galavanting about Europe, but remember you are also sorely missed here (especially by your sister) -S

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pictures are wonderful. I want to travel there. It looks like your having a fantastic time. Happy holidays and safe travels. love from the von Will-Hall family.